I am a self proclaimed foodie who lives (and loves) to cook!   I am the mother of 3 beautiful kids and the wife to a wonderful husband.   Welcome to my bitchin kitchen.  Grab a fork and dive right in.

I guess now that I’ve decided to take my blog in a different direction, I should add a bit more about me.   Let’s see.   In addition to the above, I am a smart ass.  I like to joke, A LOT!  I have my serious moments, but for the most part, I’m a lighthearted woman who just happens to like to make people giggle.   I’m also a singer (feel free to check out my Youtube page  http://www.youtube.com/jgirlatlaw)  My personal opinion is that I haven’t been “discovered” (because I get asked that all the time) is because I’m not a size 0, I haven’t been 16 years old for some time now, and I don’t know the right people.  ; )    Maybe if I slapped some make-up on my face for my videos it would help, but really, who has that kind of time.  I sure don’t.

If there is something you think you MUST know about me.  Just ask.  I’ll probably give you an answer and I may even give you a laugh or two.


4 responses to “About

  1. I just stumbled onto your site. I really like your style of cooking. I enjoyed looking through your recipes and blogs. I do hope that you will post photos and tell your followers more about your family. I am a grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren ages ranging from 31/2 year old, almost 21/2 year old, and a 1 year old. I would be very interested in reading recipes for them. The oldest two eats hardly any meats at all, (except hot dogs). I would also like to see any canning recipes you might have also. I wish you great success with your blog site and will visit it often. God Bless You.

    • Thank you!

      Let it be known that I have never canned a day in my life. However, there is always a first for everything. My husband has been hinting for years that we need to buy a pressure cooker. We shall see.

  2. We love “Pssst” sites! And Although you are one S short of a full deck, you’ve been posted on Pssst.com. You have a refreshing perspective on life’s reality. The food looks good too…

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