Sh*T Toddlers Say

I don’t know who started all these shit people say videos, but I find them hysterical.  Well, I find most of them hysterical.   I’m sure a shit toddlers say video exists, but I’m sitting here listening to my three children thinking, OMG, where did they even hear that to be able to repeat it?  LOL   What makes their convos so funny is that they are out of the blue and random.   I should just get my video camera out and record them because seeing is believing, but until then, I will give you this lovely list of shit toddlers say.  And trust me, if you just had a baby or are thinking about having a baby, your kid WILL say probably 95% of these things at some point.

1.  I want that!

2.  I don’t want that!

3.  Not that one!

4.  I want a different one!

5.  Not those socks!

6.  Can I have another cracker?

7.  Not that cracker, I want a BIG cracker!!

8.  I can do it by myself!

9.  I can’t do it!

10.  No!

11.  Look at me!

12.  Don’t Talk!

13.  Again!

14.  Fart

15.  Poop

16.  Penis

17.  Vagina

18.  Butt

19.  I have little boobies, you have big boobies.

20.  I’m naked!

21.  Look at my belly.

22.  I don’t want to wear pants!

23.  Where’s my tutu?

24.  Where’s my hat?

25.  Where are my blocks?

26.  Get me my dolly, it’s in the bedroom.

27.  I’m thirsty!

28.  Take this!

29.  I’m going shopping.

30.  I’m done!

31.  I’m not a baby!

32.  I’m a baby!

33.  I don’t want to go to sleep!

34.  I want to sleep in the big bed!

35.  Not like that, like this.

36.  YUCK!

37.  YUM!

38.  I want cookies for breakfast.

39.  Leave me alone!

40.  What’s that?

41.  What are you doing?

42.  I want to talk to Tom (or Larry).

43.  It’s broken!

44.  Fix it!

45.  I didn’t do it.

46.  I’m stuck.

47.  I want a different fork

48.  Not that sippy cup.

49.  I have a booger.

50.  One, Two, Three, Nine, Three, Three, Ten.  I counted to ten.

51.  Wipe my hands

52.  I have a boo boo

53.  Don’t sit there!

54.  I did it!

55.  I want a snack!

56.  I’m a pirate.

57.  I want to be a chef.

58.  I’m wet.

59.  I spilled.

60.  Mommy needs coffee.

61.  MOM!!!!!!

62.  Dad said so.

63.  You eat it!

64.  I’m full..what’s for dessert?

65.  Get it!

66.  Leave it!

67.  Don’t touch it!

The list could go on and on.


I had to edit this to add MINE!!  How could I even forget to put MINE on this list?  LMAO


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