Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.  Really?  Bullshit!  Bacon, tastes AWESOME!!  Nutella, that tastes pretty damn good too.   A nice bowl of homemade 5 cheese (at least) mac & cheese, come on!  A piece of challah with a schmear of chopped liver, YUM.  Ok, I realize that I may have lost some of you with that last one, but let’s be real.   Food tastes good.  We are a nation obsessed with weight.  Obesity rates are at all time highs across the board and getting skinny has now become a huge (no pun intended) business.

Everywhere I look there are advertisements for this new magic diet pill or this new shake…just do this workout for 15 minutes a day and you will have flat abs…wear this body wrap and it will take inches off…buy into my “vitamins” and cleanse your body of toxins…eat this, don’t eat that, do this, don’t do that.  Can we all just call shenanigans already and agree that there are no magic pills, no magic workouts, no magic clothing, not even magic surgeries that can make people thin?  Can we also agree that you CAN eat real food and still be thin and that food tastes great?  One does not need to drink 2 shakes, take 15 supplements, eat tree bark and beans for the one and only meal of the day to be thin.  Oh sure, you may lose weight, but I guarantee you will gain it all back and then some.  Can I charge $19.95 for that guarantee I just gave?

I have been on every fad diet on the planet.   I dieted for more than 10 years before ultimately having weight loss surgery.  Let me tell you something, that’s no walk in the park or magic fix either.  Like anything else in life, it takes hard work and dedication to make it work.  I will admit that I had that surgery, not to be healthier in life, but because I wanted to be skinny.  Society, friends, family…they had all burned into my brain that I was nothing unless I was skinny.     When the Dr asked me what I wanted to weigh when all said and done, I blurted out 120 pounds.  He laughed because every woman whom he asked that question all answered with the same 120 pounds.   Apparently that’s the skinny number.   If you weigh more than 120 pounds as a woman, I guess you’re fat.  COME ON!!  That’s crazy.  Yet here I sit thinking to myself, got to weigh 120 pounds.  Again, crazy.

For about 2 seconds I made it to 119 pounds.  Let me tell you all something.  Life, it feels better than being skinny does and frankly it tastes better too.   I am by no means fat at this point.  I am not one of those women who gained all her weight back, but I am also not 120 pounds.  My body was not designed to weigh only 120 pounds.   On a good day I maintain between 130-135 pounds.   I have a TON of unresolved medical issues going on, but if you have been keeping up with my blog you already know this, so I will spare you the rehashing of the story all over again.  But back to my 2 second 119 pound victory *eye roll*.

Do you want to know what I was eating to get to my 119 pounds?   Broth, rice, and Coke.  That’s it.  I went from 132 pounds to 119 pounds in a few weeks time.   I was sick as a dog, vomiting every 5 seconds, and on death’s door, literally.   Ah, being skinny sure felt awesome.   NOT!!  Again, I will not retell my long drawn out surgical nightmare story as to why I got to that place and why I’m still living in that nightmare.  So moving on… When I was in my prime health and feeling awesome, I weighed 132 pounds, I worked out 4 days a week, and ate 3 meals a day WITH SNACKS!   I ate healthy, but I also didn’t have this unrealistic notion that I would have to give up food to be thin.   You can eat bacon, Nutella, mac & cheese, etc. and still be thin.  The magic answer?  You just have to do it in moderation and not do it every day.   Diets will set you up for failure, lifestyle changes will set you up for success.

I get so aggravated when I see fad diets and crazy unrealistic exercise programs being advertised because in our heads, it has been drilled in that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.  To profit off someone who is clearly vulnerable and who would give anything to be thin, with you knowing full well that there is no magic concoction you are selling makes me mad.   What pisses me off more, is when I see people who have had weight loss surgery peddling diet products without disclosing they have had weight loss surgery.  Try my yummy shakes.   If you buy a 30 day supply, you get a free exercise band and ball.  I did it and look at me now!  Yes, look at you now.   You forgot to mention that you had gastric bypass 5 years ago, plastic surgery after that to remove all your excess skin, workout at a real gym at least 3 days a week, and you use your crap product to maintain not to lose the 200 pounds you claim it’s going to help a person lose.

Have we become that gullible or are these stupid little nothing tastes as good as skinny feels posters getting into your heads?  Do you even know who said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?  Kate Moss.  That’s right, this motto was coined by a drug addicted, anorexic, waft model.  How does that taste?   I’m sure some of you think she’s hot, she’s gorgeous, I would love to look like her, blah blah, but you are going to have to shoot a lot of heroin, smoke crack, and live on Tic Tacs and diet pop for the rest of your life.   Again, how does that taste?  Better yet, how does that feel?

Kate Moss probably burned away all her taste buds from her many drugs and other vices, which is why she said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.  She doesn’t know what the hell food is supposed to taste like!!  I’ll take my occasional slice of bacon over her lifestyle any day.

No one wants to be fat, let’s get that straight right now, but we need to learn that healthy and skinny are not one in the same.  People that try to sell you the magic thin potion in a pill, drink, body wrap, or fad exercise program (yes those exist too) don’t have your best interest at heart.  What they have is your hard earned money month after month.    Gastric bypass surgeons who feel the need to tell you that their one type of surgery is better than the next and you will fail with any other type of surgery other than the one they offer….yeah,  they are full of crap too.  If you are considering GB surgery, you as the patient need to do your research and decide what surgery is best for you.  This business about my surgery is better than yours because everyone who had yours gained ALL their weight back is ridiculous.  You want to know why gastric bypass patients gain all their weight back?  And I’m not talking about 20 pounds, I’m talking about 100 pounds or more.  Gastric bypass patients who gain all their weight back do so because they ate it back on.  Let’s be real.   One does not gain over 100 pounds because they are following all the rules.   Gastric bypass is just a tool that one uses to lose weight, it’s not the fix.   ALL types of gastric bypass have the potential to give a person successful weight loss.  Really, it’s just a way to help a person have portion control and get a jump start on losing weight.

So I ask you all again, does nothing really taste as good as skinny feels?



2 responses to “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels

  1. Very true.. i had WLS just over a year ago and there was a lot we had to do to be qualified. And it is just as you said a TOOL nothing less, nothing more. It only works if you do.. one key word in all of this, moderation. You can have anything as long as you know when to stop, which most people don’t,

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