Hail Mary Of Sausage!

On NYE, I was doing some shopping with the fam and I had not eaten a thing all day.  The food gods smiled brightly upon me that day and presented me with a sausage sample.  Yes please!  I was starving.  It tasted marvelous…..at the time.  My starving tastebuds mucked up my normal tastebuds rendering my palate useless.   Last night when I cooked up said sausage it tasted nothing like I remembered.   Now I’m sure it tasted exactly the same, but sanity had resumed it’s proper place in my body, so it was VILE!!  Let this be a lesson to you all to never buy the samples you taste in a store when you taste them starving because it’s always going to taste good.

I tell my husband not to save this crappy sausage, but what do I find when I open my fridge this morning?  The sausage.  Now, I don’t like to pat myself on the back (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!), but I like to think I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to being able to resurrect food from the dead.  Example, one time I made the almighty asslicious frozen fish stick edible by turning it into a chowder of sorts.  It was a hail mary for sure.   But back to my deaf eared husband and his apparent want for me to turn this crappy snausage into a culinary delight.   What does one do with a vile sausage to bring it back to life?  You throw a hail mary of cheese and salsa over it and sit down while the food angels serenade you with “ahs”.   This is like food 101, but my husband will think it’s a sausage miracle!  I wonder what this queso will get me?  A foot rub, a back rub……maybe he will fold the laundry!!   Maybe he will fold the laundry AND put it away!!  Now that truly would be a sausage miracle.   I’ll let you know.   Feel free to come over with some chips because I made a ton of queso.  It is a day for football.  Bring some red Solo cups too while you are at it, we’ll have a party!  I slay me.   LOL  ; )


P.S.  Because someone will ask……Take a pound and a half of your most vile sausage (or do it right and use ground beef or ground chorizo), dump a jar of your fav salsa (I love Garden Fresh Salsa), a bunch of cheese (I used a bunch of different cheese, but make sure one of the cheeses you use is cheddar….I’m going to say I used 4 cups of cheese.  I told you I made a TON), a can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of milk and a few splashes extra, some flour to thicken, cumin, chili powder, granulated garlic, hot sauce, cayenne pepper (or don’t even bother with that crap and dump a taco seasoning packet on it because I’m one of those who cook by taste so good luck trying to get exact measurements from me) and dive right in.


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