Justice is SERVED!!!

The customer is not always right, but in this case the customer was TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!

Who goes to a mall the day after Christmas, not to return stuff, but to shop?  A crazy person right.  Well, at around 4 pm I packed the kids and the husband in the car to do a little Hanukkah shopping for my nieces.  They are almost in the tweener phase of life and my brother said they needed some clothing.  The choices for that age group are few and far between at my local mall.  Children’s Place/Gymboree has cute stuff for kids my age (toddlers), but not so much for an 11 and 9 year old.  Macy’s, meh, JC Penney, meh, Hollister, not unless I want them to become those hookers that I referred to last night….Justice, you will have to do.

I think I have walked around a Justice maybe 2 times and never was I doing the shopping.  So this was a new experience in the almost tweener fashion experience.  I must say that some of the clothing in there was 80’s fugnasty brought back from what should have stayed dead.  HEINOUS!  Being the day after Christmas, they had a lot of stuff on sale, yet I managed to find the majority of stuff they had hidden in the back and brought out “just today” that of course, was not on sale.  I put together two outfits for each girl and go to the register to pay.  $330 later, we then take the kids over to the play area to burn off some energy before we go home and we try to figure out what to do for dinner.  I’m looking over my receipt as my son flirts with some older girl in the climbing tree and notice that the three sale items I did manage to find did not ring up on sale.  Well no, that’s not true because apparently this was the one penny sale.  Yes, on 40% off redline I paid full price minus a penny.  Uh, nope don’t think so.  So we let the kids play a bit more and then walk back over to Justice.   My husband starts off by saying that he “thinks” that some of the items were on sale and we didn’t get the sale price.  I, of course, say, “no, they WERE on sale and need to be adjusted”.   No big deal right?  Apparently this was about to become a very big deal.  The manager, Tammi, who was dressed in a 10 years gone by Walmart fleece with jeans that were way to small and smelled of stale cigarettes, said to the sales girl that this particular register doesn’t apply the sales price and that in future she needed to manually enter it.  Hold the phone, it’s about 6:30 pm at this point.  You mean to tell me that this was the first time this kid employee had this problem all day?  Yeah, I don’t think so.  I am curious to know how many people got ripped off at Justice that day.  I’m going to go out on a very short limb and say EVERYBODY WHO WAS RUNG UP ON THAT REGISTER!!!!!

My husband has me take our youngest and my son out of the store, while he has a little chat with Tammi.  He says to her, “a little customer service goes a long way….it’s not our fault that your register doesn’t apply the sales price”.   Tammi then says to my husband, “well I was just matching the bitchy attitude of your wife and it’s been a really long day”.   *Insert the screech of a record right here*   Did this heffalump really just call me bitchy and not even to my face?  Oh hell no!  Now recall that the only thing I ever said was, “no, the items were on sale and they need to be adjusted”.  This is being bitchy?   Oh poor poor little misguided Tammi, no honey, that wasn’t being bitchy, but pay attention because THIS IS!

My husband at this point asked for a corporate card, which Tammi so nicely slapped in his hand, because even after the sale adjustment we still spent $290 in the store.  When my husband walks out of the store, he informs me to stop being so bitchy and then explains what just occurred.   No, no no no no no.  You don’t call me bitchy, especially when I’m not being bitchy, and expect me to drop cash in your damn store.  I marched my ass and my 3 SCREAMING kids back into the store and demanded to know who in the heck just had the nerve to call me a bitch.   Tammi, now running out the store with her 64 oz mega soda, said, “no one called you a bitch”, and left her little 16 year old employee to handle a now $290 return.  Way to be a manager Tammi!  The now flustered little girl employee, who does not win any academy awards for clueless I don’t know what the heck is going on when I just snickered about you 3 seconds earlier with my dumb moron of a manager, had to deal with me.  She said that when they get returns in the store, she takes it personally.   Well, in this case, you should and let this be a lesson to you that you don’t talk about customers when they and or their spouse can hear you.   Retail is not a job to be working at if you take things personally, I know, I used to work retail eons ago.   Also, if you want to stay in retail, don’t end up like your manager.  That is not the way to act and my waste management man, Robbie, dresses better than your manager when he goes to work…to pick up my TRASH.

At this point, I was so over the mall and Tammi, who I couldn’t even properly show my true bitch colors to because she ran out of the store, that I went to Old Navy, bought triple the amount of clothing and spent half of what I would.  So thanks for being a heinous snatchface Tammi and calling me bitchy unnecessarily which caused a spiral effect to have me shop and save at Old Navy.  Oh and they had lots of nice sweaters on sale, you should go buy one and burn your fleece.  Now where’s that corporate card….


4 responses to “Justice is SERVED!!!

  1. I can so sympathize with your “Justice” experience. I just posted about that store on Christmas Eve after a “sales” fiasco. They put signs up all over the store about the sale. Christmas Eve was up to 75% off on merchandise…. well one particular end cap had a 75% off sign (not up to 75% off) and I grabbed $32 white stuffed dog that sang Justin Bieber “Baby” song and some nail polishes for my girls stockings. My 12 yr old also grabbed some gumball cup thing to give to her friend and a little M&M dispenser. She had $5 to spend and the 2 items should have been well under that $5 with the items being 75% off. The total was like $7.50… so my daughter thinking she had miscalculated, asks me for the additional $2.50. That is when I put the brakes on and went up there. They wanted to argue with me that only the “CHRISTMAS” themed items were on sale at 75% off. Well WHY doesn’t the sign say that, and WHY are they intermingled with stuff that isn’t on sale? So that got corrected immediately and my daughter paid the anticipated amount.

    Then it was my turn to check out. I was just there to get piddly things, filler gifts and stocking stuffers. Well low and behold my Justin Bieber dog, that was on the same 75% off end cap rang up at regular price. Again, she wanted to say that only the Christmas items were on sale and not that dog. Well, your store is very deceiving…. don’t put it under a sign that says 75% off if it isn’t included in the sale. The young 20’s manager could see that I wasn’t wavering on my “I’m getting that damn dog for $8 come hell or high water” attitude and put the dog in for the 75% off.

    That isn’t the first time I have encountered that problem at Justice. They are very tricky and they probably have a lot of naive customers that just let it go and pay the price on the register without questioning. I would say that this probably is the case with youngsters shopping without an adult at the register to watchover the ripoff artists ringing up their purchase.

    If you’re looking for clothes for Tweeners, you can also try P.S. from Aeropostale. You can get it at the regular Aeropostale website.

  2. I have no doubt that this particular Justice store will never cause me problems again. A, because I’m never going to shop there and B, because I give them 6 months before they are out of business from having to refund every single purchase from that day because I have a loud mouth and should (and may) go to the news about how everyone should check their receipts to see if they too got ripped off. Also, anything Justin Beiber related should have just been free because we as parents have to look/listen to it. Or they should have given away coupons for a free bottle of Excedrin from having to listen to it play Baby.

  3. I think you should’ve wandered the mall and looked for Tammi…let her experience bitchy first hand. Then I’d have called HER manager and let them know about it. See if Tammi is bitchy when she goes down to get her unemployment check.

  4. that is so wrong on so many levels I would have the girls job.

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