Chain Mail Apparently Now Comes By Book!

There was a knock on my door today from my mail lady.  Why?  She noticed that my last name was not on a particular piece of mail so she just wanted to let me know.  Yeah, ok.  You deliver me mail day in and day out to people who don’t even have a name remotely close to mine, different first and last names ALL the time, but you want to “just let me know” about the piece of mail that was addressed to ME with my maiden name?  And you were SO close to getting a tip this year too had you not tried to troll for money.

Calm down people, I’m not a Scrooge.  She’ll get a tip.

On to what she brought me.  I opened this little package and inside was a book titled “Ten Amazing Jews….They Thought For Themselves” by Sid Roth.  It was accompanied by a letter from Sid Roth himself.  Get out of town that the author himself would write little ole me a letter!  Shut the front door!  Whatever did I do  to deserve such prestige?  Oooooh….my maiden name is inherently Jewish.  You have heard me mention a couple of times now that I’m both Jewish and Catholic, which I am, but I guess this “author” (read his drone workers and fact checkers who should be fired because they apparently don’t actually do real work) didn’t check me out quite enough.   According to Sid Roth, I too could be an amazing Jew if I would just read his book.  So, if I read your book entitled “They Thought For Themselves” and think for myself based upon what you and 9 others say (because you’re not narcissistic at all by devoting an entire chapter to yourself and naming yourself one of those said amazing Jews) I could be fantastic…..Shut The Front Door Again!!!   There’s more?   Oh that’s right, I will only be fantastic if I find Jesus and not really be a Jew at all.   Where are my steel toe boots…….

It is moments like this in my life that make me want to revisit my Jewish faith and embrace and hold on to the fact, that while I am a practicing Catholic, I am and will ALWAYS be a Jewish woman.  There is no shame in being Jewish and I did not convert to Catholicism because I thought it was the better religion.  I do know one thing to be true though, I wasn’t recruited into the Catholic faith.  One does not “find Jesus” by being recruited.  You either believe or you don’t.  Simple as that.   The only thing I find amazing about you Mr Sid Roth is that you haven’t been sued (or maybe you have, I’ll check).   If you knew Jesus at all like you claim to, you should have realized that sending out chain books to convert the masses (the Jewish masses whom you randomly or non randomly chose by Jewish sounding last names) is not how he would operate.  You are marring the image of the man you claim to have saved you.

So Sid Roth, in your letter you asked for my personal response and thoughts.  You want them, YOU GOT THEM!!

1.  To categorize anyone, in particular the Jews as a whole, as anything less than fantastic based upon their beliefs in Jesus is ludicrous.  You may want to go back and actually read the dictionary definition of the word fantastic because you sir, NOT IT!!

2.  You need to change the title of your book to “One Moron, 9 Lost Souls…..Let Us Do The Thinking For You”

3.   Thanks for reminding me that I am and always will be a Jew and that my children are Jews too (and yes, my children are also baptised Catholics), but most importantly, that there is not a damn thing wrong with being Jewish!  Schmuck!  Yep, I just called you a schmuck, I’m sure you can dig down deep into that former Jewish soul of yours and remember what that means.

4.  You have no upper lip.  I don’t trust people without an upper lip.  You already look smarmy.

5.  You ever send me anything in the mail again, I send it back to you in pieces or in ashes.  I plan to let my dog take a big giant crap on this copy of the book you sent me and then I’m throwing it in my fire pit where it belongs.


Would you like me to elaborate on anything Sid Roth?


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