SNL Skits I Wish Existed

I have been watching Saturday Night Live for as long as I can remember.  It seems to go through extremely funny periods and then just when I think it’s about to jump the shark, they go for a hail Mary and bring back Jimmy Fallon to host on Saturday.   The funniest skits are the skits when he screws up and starts laughing hysterically.  I will never forget the Debbie Downer skit where he completely lost it thus starting the downward spiral for every cast mate in that skit to be laughing their heads off.  Here, watch, remember, laugh so hard you’ll cry.

Ok, so maybe it was Rachel Dratch who actually started the laughter train, but still.  HYSTERICAL!!!

Jimmy Fallon was in some other very notable skits as well, such as The Barry Gibb Talk Show and who could forget the cork soakers skit.   When Jimmy decided he was leaving the show, I thought forget it, the shows going to suck.  I thought the same thing when Will Ferrell left, when Mike Myers left, when Dana Carvey left, when Cheri Oteri left, etc.   I think you get the picture.  So when they bring back the greats, I love it.   For now, at least they still have Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis.

I often sit and think, as I’m sure most of you do, damn, that should be an SNL skit or why hasn’t this been made into an SNL skit?   Let’s start with the most obvious example.  Yo Gabba Gabba!   Why have they not spoofed Yo Gabba Gabba?  For those who don’t have children or are not pot smoking college students, Yo Gabba Gabba is a show on Nick Jr that I think was created by a bunch of cracked out people sitting in a room eating way potent shrooms and many hits of acid followed by loads of alcohol.   My 3 kids love the damn show.  Of course they do.  I find it sad that they now only know Mark Mothersbaugh as the dude who draws random pictures versus the dude from Devo who sang Whip It, but they’ll learn.   As an adult watching the show, I have to sit and keep my laughter to myself at some of the things I see on the show.  Like Muno, a giant walking french tickler….oh I mean a giant walking cyclops per Nick Jr. We also have Brobee, a little green monster who on one episode was tired of being short.  Come on!!! I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.  SNL, you are slacking on the opportunities from this show.   Do me and the rest of the world a solid and spoof this show already!

Another skit I would like to see come about is the female counterpart digital short to Dick In A Box.   Again, why hasn’t this been made into a skit?    I have never laughed so hard in my life when they did that skit.    I’ll refresh your memory if you have been living under a rock.       This NEEDS to come to life.  Who’s with me on this one?

Last night while I was making my millionth Christmas cookie (remember I’m both Catholic and Jewish, I’ll explain this another time) I thought to myself that a Jew making Christmas cookies needs to be some sort of SNL skit.  You missed the opportunity for this year SNL, but next year, get on it.  Call me, I’ll help you write it.  ; )

Now that the New Year is fast approaching, I expect to see millions of commercials for gyms, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.   Please SNL, bring back Justin Timberlake, make him a giant walking Krispy Kreme and have him standing next to a Jenny Craig facility and have the two human walking advertisements competing for business.   That’s how it is in real life.  No joke, there is a Medical Weight Loss building right next door to a Five Guys in Troy MI.   Yeah that’s a FAIL, but it would make for great TV.

These are only a few of my brilliant ideas.  I have more.  I’m sure this will be a reoccurring blog topic.  Feel free to share and post your own skit ideas and let’s make SNL funny again!  Not funny ha ha, but funny OMG I just pissed my pants a little because I laughed so hard from watching this and now I must make it my FB avatar for a week because it’s that damn funny!

Oh and Happy Hanukkah to my fellow Jewish friends out there.   Get your latke making on!   I would post my recipe, but then I would probably have to kill you.


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