Pssst…..Come Over Here. I Want To Whisper Something In Your Ear.

YOUR KID ISN’T THAT SMART!!!!!    There, I feel better.   So, I realize this is my food blog and that I haven’t posted a new blog in AGES, but I have good reason.  Life.   I’m still cooking away, but I’m being stingy when it comes to sharing my food.

I had a friend of mine direct me to this blog  and I found it to be hysterical.   Then I thought to myself, self, you should just blog about random botherings and life and such.  People tell me all the time how, well, witty I guess I’ll say I am.  So we’ll see where this goes.   And hey writing my random thoughts is a hell of a lot easier than trying to think about paying attention to how I’m cooking what I’m cooking.   I’ll still post recipes from time to time, but for now, I’m taking this blog into the read this and love it or read this and hate it stage.   Or maybe I’ll get that entirely separate group of people who snort things out of their noses from spontaneous eruptive laughter.    Without further blathering, I give to you my random thoughts for today.

I have young children and they are geniuses.  Sure they are, I mean aren’t all kids geniuses?  Um, NO THEY ARE NOT!!!!   Your kid just turned not one, but two pages in a Baa Baa Black Sheep book.  Well hell, that must mean they are ready for some Vonnegut.  To bad, you, the parent of this brilliant genius of a child had to Google Vonnegut to know who the fuck (oh you don’t like swearing…you may want to back the FUCK out of this blog right now.  Still here? Tickity fucking tock…) that is.   Wait what…your kid can also count to 20 and he/she is 2!  No fucking way!  *eye roll*   Give me a break.   I know we all want to think our children are smart, and by smart I mean the next Albert Einstein, but get real.  Your kid also likes to eat boogers and fart on command.  Next!

Tim Tebow.  Let’s talk about him.  Everyone else is so why can’t I?   I posted on my Facebook status the other day that I didn’t understand why people are so up in arms over this man and his taking a knee to pray.   Do you think your eyes are going to burn out of their sockets if you look at another person praying?  Maybe you think you are going to get some sort of prayer cooties?  Oh that must be it, prayer cooties.   I’m both Jewish and Catholic.  How you like them apples?  Well, if you are pissy about Tebow, you probably don’t.  But here’s what I have to say to you?  Really!!??  You really want to make this a damn issue?  We have wars, disease, famine, homelessness, joblessness, etc., and you want to have a fucking stop the prayer knee rally?  Why don’t you just pack up your crunchy fucking granola bars, the tent you are occupying wasted space with, and go bitch about something worthwhile.   Or better yet, be thankful that people like me, don’t get overly bothered by morons like you because trust me, you would not want me in the tent next to yours.  I do however, think the lost jackass in that other tent just senselessly bitching about the most current cause of the moment just because his 2 other friends are would want me there for comic relief.


9 responses to “Pssst…..Come Over Here. I Want To Whisper Something In Your Ear.

  1. Interesting theories. . . loved the “occupy wasted space” reference. Ahh, Julie, you may be on to something here.

  2. Wow… you blog “bitch” much better than I blog about losing weight. =) I give it two cynical thumbs up.

  3. We will get you on T.V.! Not sure how, but it is my mission.

  4. Your language is very offensive to me, Good Bye!

    • See you later Internet stranger. It’s not the first time someone has found something offensive about me and it’s not going to be the last. If a little off color language is offensive to you, then I agree, you should run, not walk right on out of my blog.

  5. Awww… are your feelings hurt? lol Go back to mamby pamby land lady!

  6. LMAO – I was heading to Google to find out who Vonnegut is…then you laughed at me for it, so I figured why bother!

  7. @ Sandy… buy bye, oh and remove that stick from your ass.

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