When the farm market gives you so-so corn

I was so excited when we got home from the farm market over the weekend because the early corn had arrived.  Awesome!  Yeah, not so much.  Jim (the husband, you read about him lots I’m sure) still managed to eat four ears of the bland tasteless corn.  That left seven ears for me to play around with.

Tonight, Jim wanted to try the cheddar stuffed hot dogs (and I use that term lightly because they were more like a sausage) that I picked up from the butcher.  I don’t do hot dogs.  Coney’s yes, hot dogs, NO!  So that left me thinking about meal number two.  Since this is the birth of this blog, you’re getting a lot of back story first.   Currently, I’m on a no carb at night thing.   On occasion you will see a carb filled meal, but for the most part it’s low carb/no carb.  So, that brings me back to the meh corn.

I decided to go with a potato free corn chowder (or chowdah for those who truly appreciate the creamy goodness in the bowl).   If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a cook by taste kind of gal.  I don’t do recipes.   I throw a little of this and a little of that into a pot or pan and cook it until it’s right.   Well how do I know when it’s right?  I just know.  ; )

Here’s what I did:

I took the 7 ears of corn and removed the kernels from the cob and set aside.   I chopped up an onion and threw into the bowl with the corn.   In a stock pot, I melted a TBSPN (or two) of butter and threw in the onion and corn to saute a little.  Now, I didn’t want to caramelize the onion, just sweat it out a bit and make it translucent.  Then I thought to myself, not enough veggies.   I happened to have one of those bags of Mann’s broccoli/cauliflower mixes.   I threw it in the microwave to steam it and then threw it into the pot to saute with the onion and corn.

Right before I put the liquid into the pot, I put a little bit of flour to make a roux (eyeball it).  Just get the raw taste out of the flour, if you burn it, you should throw out the pot.  Don’t start over, call delivery!

Into the veggie/roux mix, I put in a can of coconut milk (huh, what?).  Yes, coconut milk, a little almond milk (make sure it’s unflavored and not vanilla or something like that), 4 cups of chicken stock, and about 2 cups of water.   I also added in a little chicken bouillon (do it to your taste preference) and crushed red and black pepper.  I let it come to a boil and then turned down the heat, to medium low, and let it cook for about 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, I added in some cheddar cheese (maybe 2.5 cups) and then busted out the immersion blender.  If you don’t have one of these, stop reading my blog, you’re FIRED!   Kidding, but go buy one, they rock.

After I blended it all up, I cooked it on low until ready to serve.   Add whatever seasoning you want.  I kept it simple tonight, but garlic always finds its way into my food.  Please keep in mind, that while this is a creamy chowder, it’s not a thick chowder.   Obviously with the omission of potatoes, it’s more like a soup.  If you want to make it thick, add potatoes.  If I could eat them at night, I would have put them in.

Right before serving, I cooked a few pieces of maple glazed canadian bacon (I get the bacon from our local butcher and the maple syrup I used was local as well), and topped with the bacon and scallions.  I used canadian bacon only because I didn’t have any traditional bacon in the house.  However, I think I actually prefer the canadian bacon.

And this concludes my first day of food blogging!


8 responses to “When the farm market gives you so-so corn

  1. Trust me when I say, not only was the “chowdah” delish – so is the fact that my wifey-poo has finally decided to blog about her amazing talents in the kitchen. Can’t wait for “Psst . . . over here” to become “Psst . . . where’s my money beeyoch!” Just kidding; just enjoy the stories and the recipes – not necessarily in that order. I love you Julie; you go Jewb!

  2. So proud of Julie and Jim with the new blog Look forward to reading and learning new recipes. Enjoy everyone.

  3. Amy Maynard-Edgekoski

    That sounds awesome! I’ll be trying that one soon. We are trying to cut out the carbs too, my husband just found out he is diabetic. 😦 Immersion blenders do ROCK!

  4. Good for you! Good post. Sorry the corn wasn’t so good. We had good corn Thursday and hope to again this Thursday. Not all farms and farmers are created equal!!

  5. Tovah's Mommy

    I WANT an immersion blender!!!!!

  6. Jennifer ST Pierre

    It looks delicious! I’m going to try it. I’ll send you a picture so you can laugh at how mine looks nothing like yours!

  7. Finally….what we have been wating for…I mean really….3 kids under 2….most of us would crumble….but you…hook up the coffee IV and get to it…lol

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